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WHAT ARE THEY? A cost-effective and green way to distribute your content, whether it be music, video, promotional downloads, or any other form of media. Using your artwork design, we will print custom cardboard, paper, or plastic cards that include your full color artwork on the front and a unique code on the back.


Contact your DigitalDownloadCard.com representative today to get started on your project. After we store your files on our secure servers, we will provide you with cards that each has a unique code on the back as well as a website to redeem the download. The code unlocks the download and allows for the user to have 1 complete download of your file. Sell em at a gig, hand them as a promo, track which codes have downloaded the files, it’s that easy!


With our latest Seeded Cards, turn your promotion into a GREEN promotion with new Seeded Download Cards. When planted and watered, the paper biodegrades away and the seeds are left to germinate into a garden of growth!

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