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Texas Summer Music Conference

Digital Download will be launched at the 7TH Annual Texas Summer Music Conference "The Biggest Urban Entertainment Event in the Country!" The conference is now serving as an outlet to educate aspiring urban music artists, producers, DJ's models and all lifestyle related affiliates on the entertainment industry. The event has provided this audience with access to exclusive networking opportunities. Susan Sarosy from Arcube Optical Manufacturing will be speaking on the panel July 18th on how the local music market can benefit from the innovative Digital Download Cards, not only as a professional promotional piece, but as an economical method of digital download sales.

Download Card

The download card gives the artist the ability to collect 100% money upfront from the sale of the card (at their desired price point) and the ability to control the content or music in which the consumer downloads. She will be speaking about how they work in detail with showing a sample of Dallas based artist Dorrough with Dorrough Music, along with Faddy Daddy as the first Dallas Artists to provide their music accessible via Digital Download Card.

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